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If you missed our live weekly radio show “Eco Alert with Nadine Patrice”, earlier this morning, you can still listen to the show by going to http://www.oglhaiti.com. & click on radio show. We discussed the potential DEATH of 100 years old oak trees in Little Haiti. Let us know your opinion on the subject. Help us save these trees.


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Operation Green Leaves NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT

Only 800 miles from South Florida’s shores and environmental tragedy is taking place. As early as 1924 60% of Haiti was forested, today we have less than 1.5% of forest cover. Please support our cause. Our mission, Environmental Education, Ecological Restoration & the Reforestation of Haiti. We have been addressings the issue for more than 21 years collaborating with our grass roots partners in Haiti. Support us by becoming a member today at http://www.oglhaiti.com or our environmental center project at http://www.globalgiving.org/6060

Haiti: On the Edge of Extinction!

The edge of destruction

The edge of destruction

Dear Members and Friends:

On behalf of our Board of Directors and myself, I want to thank you for your continuous support. Your assistance has helped us to continue our work for the past 19 years.

The last hurricane season was catastrophic for Haiti because the island was hit by not one, but 4 storms. The death toll and destruction of property has been the worst in centuries. My concern is that the recovery has been very slow and we are already at the end of March. Before we know it, the next hurricane season is going to be here.

Thinking about this desperate situation, my friend Gene Tinnie recently shared his opinion with me in an e-mail which I would like to share a few lines with you:

“I thought about you yesterday when I had a somewhat belated heartwrenching moment as I was waiting for an appointment and had an opportunity to see the September 2008 issue of National Geographic.

With a brief but shocking article on Haiti, where people were reduced to eating cakes made of clay. We know that poverty is not a natural situation (although it may arise temporarily from natural disasters: floods, storms, earthquakes etc).

Poverty is artificially and systematically created. Poor neighborhoods are made by conscious intent on the part of those who profit from such disparity. Material poverty, in turn engenders all the other related problems: high rates of illness and mortality, desperate competitions for resources leading to crime,etc).

The map and photograph of the island showed a parched and denuded Haiti adjacent to a green Dominican Republic on the SAME ISLAND.  How is that to be explained? Why should nature behave differently on different sides of a political border? This is the result of human, rather than natural history.

All of this, made me think of you and Operation Green Leaves. It does seem that both stories – that of Haiti’s quietly kept devastation, and that of heroic efforts like OGL-need to be told to wider audiences. I believe the answer is to do what we can, and to do it well (or not at all). Everything in Divine Time. The situation is dire and urgent, but we can take the time to be well informed so that we may inform others. I sincerely believe that the extreme poverty in Haiti is directly linked to the environmental destruction of the Island, therefore I urge the governmental agencies in Haiti, the professionals, business leaders and nongovernmental organizations to make the environmental issues in Haiti a priority. Haiti needs a National Environmental plan where all spectrum of the society is involved.”

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Still Waiting for Help…

Today around noon I got a call from a Pastor who just came back from Haiti. He was there during the storm and he lived the experience. As a matter of fact, he was in Port-de Paix. So I asked him to share with me what he had seen ask him for a hurricane update.

One of things that surprised me is that he explained that at least 800 boats in La Tortue were destroyed, and the people of La Tortue were desperate and hungry.

In all the media coverage thoughout this ordeal I never really heard anything mentioned about La Tortue (which is an island located accross from Port-de-Paix). He explained that he went there to provide what he could, and most of all pray with, and for them.

He said the poverty and hungry faces he saw there were unbearable.

Right after I hang up the phone with him today, my mother called to tell me “guess what, you should see on channel 6, they just had a report that a huge boat carrying 154 people coming from La Tortue was just intercepeted and returned back to Haiti.”  So his report was confirmed and accurate, what he saw there in La Tortue was despair, hunger and poverty.

He went on to ask me how I can help. He said they need food, but the problem is that the food does not reach the needy. He explained that he personally witnessed the food containers that were supposed to be for the victims being sold, and taken away to private warehouses by people with big guns.  This is not the first time that I have heard this kind of report since the 4 hurricanes ravaged Haiti, but this time it was from an eyewitness that I personally know. 

He asked me to find a way to help not only La Tortue, but Port-de-Paix as well. A huge part of Port-de. Paix was under water. The other information he shared with me is that a lot of the people lost their lifes through the deadly mudslides, the water, mud and everything washed donwn from the mountain carrying the people. It took 4-5 days to find dead people, attached to young trees or branches.

I promised him that I will do what I can, but I know I cannot do it without help. So visit www.oglhaiti.com today to donate and share the information with your friends & colleagues.

Other desparate calls and e-mails I am getting are from Arcahaie, and Cabaret.

First they are in need of food and water. They lost all their crops. All the banana plantations and other crops are under water. They need to be able to replant. We need to be a able to support these communities by providing food and water and their basic needs while they replant their crops.

Operation Green Leaves will provide the seeds and the support but we cannot do it with your assistance.  So please visit our site at www.oglhaiti.com and make your tax deductible donation TODAY.

If you don’t like to donate online, you can mail your donation to  Operation Green Leaves Inc. P.O.box 5254, Coral Gables, Florida 33114. We will have a report with pictures of the assistance provided in our next newsletter.