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GoGreen Artion Steps

GoGreen Action Steps: According to the National Resources Defense Council, the pulp & paper industry contributes more to global and local environmental problems than any other industry in the world. Make the change to recycl paper.The higher the recycle content the better. http://www.nrdc.org


When the economy improves,Earth’s environment will improve

Please take a look at this great interview, “When the economy improves,

Earth’s environment will improve. The economy and environmental issues are truly connected. That has been our message at OGL for years.  To find real solutions to Haiti’s environmental issues, we need to provide sustainable economic alternative as well as alternative energy sources.  I spoke to a friend today in Haiti, she was sadden by the fact that in some part of Haiti, people are still cutting trees on the side of the roads. She explained to me although it is sad, we need to provide an economic alternative. I am calling for a National Reforestation Plan in Haiti, which will include the alternatives mentioned above, & education. All the sectors of the society need to be involve, goverment, private, professional, schools.


Remembering Haiti of Yesterday

I met a Haitian man from Jeremie, Haiti yesterday and while we both were waiting for our meeting to start… of course our topic of conversation was Haiti. He is a professional living in Florida, but every year he goes back for a visit in Jeremie. He was telling me with bit of frustation how he remembered how busineses were flowing in Jeremie during his youth, how ships would come at least 2 to 3 times a week to pick up coffee and other merchandise. He was sadded by what he was witnessing right now, the lack of basic infrastructure and the basic needs of the people were not met. So I told him that may be you should go back more often, inspire the people there, participate and be part of restoring the Jeremie of your youth & beyond. That’s is what it is going to take to rebuild a sustainable Haiti. All its children who had the blessing and opportunity to go abroad, need to somehow participate, give back, share what they have learned & get involved in the sustainable reconstruction of our beloved Haiti.

EcoAlert with Nadine Patrice – BlogTalkRadio.com – Saturday @ 10 AM EST

Basic Infrastructure in Haiti’s Cities Must be a Priority!

As I watched the news this morning regarding all the hurricane relief help going to my people in my beloved Haiti, including some U.S. elected officials flying to Haiti with supplies, and some Hollywood celebrities like Matt Damon, I am very grateful and thankful for their help, and for caring for the plight of our people in Haiti. However, I have seen these images before.

I saw the catastrophic impact of Tropical Storm Jeanne, followed by all the help from all over the world, yet this hurricane season was even worse.

We did not learn our lesson, did we?

Preparation. Advance Warning. Evacuation. If there was a plan, it was not implemented!

The urgency of feeding and taking care of the victims needs will be addressed today, and in the coming months. But my question is – What will happen after the immediate humanitarian aid is delivered?

We encourage the Haitian people to ‘focus on the future.’ Elected officials from other countries bring assistance, and go home. Celebrities use their status, and drift away.

We must use whatever tools are available to DEMAND that the authorities and elected offficials make a real comittment to make building a basic infrastructure a top priority in their plans.  They need to start with the principal cities in each of the Departments: PORT-AU-PRINCE, CAP HAITIAN, PORT-DE-PAIX, GONAIVE, CAYES, JACMEL & JEREMIE.

Excuses and corruption can not be tolerated.

If these main cities had a basic infrastructure – Strong Roads and Bridges, Electricity, Water, Hospitals, a working phone system, public housing, well-built school buildings that could be used for shelters, and an organized, efficient & competent local government – the impact of these storms would be significantly reduced.


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