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If you missed our live weekly radio show “Eco Alert with Nadine Patrice”, earlier this morning, you can still listen to the show by going to http://www.oglhaiti.com. & click on radio show. We discussed the potential DEATH of 100 years old oak trees in Little Haiti. Let us know your opinion on the subject. Help us save these trees.


GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step.GET GREEN ENERGY. 85% of U.S. energy is from fossil fuel.1million solar homes keeps 4.3tons of CO2 out of r air a yr.

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step; EAT LESS MEAT.Methane from captive livestock accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases. learn more http://www.chooseveg.com/conservation.asp

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step.PLANT TREES. Trees around yr house can reduce the roof & wall temperature by 20-40 degrees.http://www.xcelenergy.com


Operation Green Leaves has been providing its urgent environmental programs & implemented projects for more than 21 years. With these hard economic times, today we need your help to continue on our journey. PLEASE during this Holiday Season, let us know that you care, we need your help. Make a tax-deductible donation by visiting http://www.oglhaiti.com or you can simply mail your donation to Operation Green Leaves, P.O.Box 5254, Coral Gables, Florida 33114. Our motto for our Haitian projects is “help Haitian help themselves”. We work with our grass roots partners & provide the tools to raise themselve out of poverty. Long term & permanent solutions.

Operation Green Leaves NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT

Only 800 miles from South Florida’s shores and environmental tragedy is taking place. As early as 1924 60% of Haiti was forested, today we have less than 1.5% of forest cover. Please support our cause. Our mission, Environmental Education, Ecological Restoration & the Reforestation of Haiti. We have been addressings the issue for more than 21 years collaborating with our grass roots partners in Haiti. Support us by becoming a member today at http://www.oglhaiti.com or our environmental center project at http://www.globalgiving.org/6060

EcoBoutique Debuts on OGLHaiti website

http://oglhaiti.com – Operation Green Leaves is a 501c3 organization dedicated to environmental education and reforestation in Haiti. As part of an ongoing fundraising effort, OGLHaiti is developing an EcoBoutique, showcasing art, jewelry, clothing and other related items.

OGLHaiti’s EcoVillage Project in Arcahaie, Haiti is listed on the GlobalGiving website. If you can spare $10, or more, please visit GlobalGiving.org/6060 and make a donation.

Video by the MediaMojoGuy.

Operation Green Leaves Miami, Reception on Venetian Isles

More than 50 people stopped by during the evening in support of Operation Green Leaves, a 501c3 organzation based in Miami, Florida. Dedicated to reforesting Haiti, OGLHaiti has emerged as a leading advocate for environmental education at the middle school level through it’s Junior Green Leaves Program.

Now in it’s 20th year of operation, this function served as a holiday party and¬†fundraising event, enabling supporters to meet each other, and commit to a unified effort in 2010.

For more information, visit www.oglhaiti.com.

EcoAlert with Nadine Patrice – BlogTalkRadio.com – Saturday @ 10 AM EST

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