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Let’s Help Haiti, Now!


Brian Machray Reports on Trip to Port-au-Prince

http://oglhaiti.com – After watching news reports in the days after the earthquake, Brian Machray decided to take action. He spoke with his pastor at Yosemite Lakes Community Church in Coarsecold, California and volunteered to go to Haiti and then report to the congregation. This is part of his report.

Operation Green Leaves Enters It’s 20th Year

March for Parks 2009 – Everglades National Park

The South Florida Community Partners, in partnership with the National Park Services, host March for Parks each year in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The objective of the South Florida Community Partners, a group of residents, entrepreneurs, students and volunters, and the National Park Service staff is to enhance cultural diversity in South Florida’s National Parks by offering programs, resources, and opportunities to everyone.

 This year, the event was at Everglades National Park, the 3rd largest National Park in the lower 48 states. More than 600 people attended, including a group from Haiti.

Florida has four National Parks – Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve and Dry Tortugas in Key West.

Next year, March for Parks will be at Big Cypress National Preserve. If you love the outdoors and Nature, join the South Florida Community Partners. It’s free!

I am sharing with you pictures of this year’s event, but if you want to see more pictures of the South Florida Community Partners, visit: www.oglhaiti.com. Under pictures click on SFCP.

Operation Green Leaves – 10 December 2008

Listen to Eco-Alert with Nadine Patrice at 10 AM EST on BlogTalkRadio.

Miami Mid-Century Art & Collectible Gallery Auction

On Saturday, 15 Novembet 2008, Miami Mid-Century Art & Collectible Gallery in the Wynwood section of Miami will conduct an estate auction to make room for the Environmental Art Exhibit of Operation Green Leaves during Art Basel Miami 2008. The Gallery is conveniently located at 3404 North Miami Avenue, just south of NW 36 Street.

This stainless steel operating table is one of many unusual item at Mid-Century Gallery.

This stainless steel operating table is one of many unusual item at Mid-Century Gallery.

Dee-Anne Treadway collects estate sale merchandise, ranging from Brasilian Samba hats…

You'd look magnificant with this head covering from Brasil

You'd look simply 'marvalous' under this Brasilan head ornament.

  to a collection of red ‘wizard of oz’ slippers.

Click your heels and 'away you go' to the Jackie Gleason Theatre on Miami Beach.
Click your heels…

Call 305.409.8536 for directions or to ask Deann what she has in the attic?

The VIP area is up a stairwell...

The VIP area is up a stairwell...

BlogTalkRadio: Guest – Lisa Torres, World Vision

Lisa Torres of World Vision was today’s guest on EcoAlert with Nadine Patrice on BlogTalkRadio. To here the show: http://budurl.com/ecoalert1nov08 or visit www.oglhaiti.com.

The BTR show is produced by co-host Ken English, the BlogTalkRadioGuy for the Social Radio Network.

Nadine C. Patrice Speaks for Haiti at Global Warming Conference

Last week I was honored to be the Lunchtime speaker at Barry University’s Global Warming Conference. The theme of my presentation was ” Haiti’s Environmental Tragedy”. 

Aerial view of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Aerial view of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

My message was that those at the lowest end of the socio-economic levels are the ones who will be affected  the most.  This hurricane season was a ferocious one for Haiti. The entire island was affected from West to East and North to South.  Because all four hurricanes that hit Haiti were mostly a rain events, mudslides and the lost of life was very high. The muslides are the result of Haiti’t almost totally denuded mountains.  For years (18 years) Operation Green Leaves’ message has been that restoring Haiti’s environment should be a top priority. Now, we are seing the wisdom in the warning.

The Global Warming conference was very well attended. I asked everyone present to help me spread the message that “we must be prepared by the next Hurricane season.” We need to take preventive measures that include increasing reforestation nationwide, building necessary infrastructure and providing basic services in the 5 major cities, at a minimum. The Goverment of Haiti, and the elected officials, must plan NOW! They must take steps to diminish the outrageous lost of life we saw this year.

Reforestation must be a NATIONAL PRIORITY in Haiti.

In 2004 after witnessing the death toll and destruction in Haiti when Tropical Storm Jeanne hit, we were sad and all sectors of the international community made promises to be ready, and make changes, to reduce the lost of life the next time. Four years later, with the increase of Global Warming, we had one of the most dangerous and vicious hurricane seasons on record. We are crying AGAIN. We are saddened AGAIN. The pictures of a totally ravaged Haiti were spread on the internet. But, that was months ago. What is being done, TODAY?

I am hoping we will learn, this time. I am hoping the responsible authorities and agencies in Haiti will start preparing NOW. I asked everyone in the audience to help me give voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless. Love to the children.

Haitian Nationals and friends of Haiti must pressure the Haitian government and those in charge to provide the basic needs and infrastructure to the people of Haiti, so next time fewer lives will be lost.

BlogTalkRadio Program – 4 October 2008

Bob DeGross of Big Cyprus National Preserve and Courtney Brigham of Environment Florida were on EcoAlert on Saturday, 4 October 2008. The show can be heard by going to www.BlogTalkRadio.com/oglhaiti.

Armoire to ARToire

Operation Green Leaves is looking of a few good artists who would particpate in a fundraising effort for reforesting Haiti. Check out www.oglhaiti.com and click on the ARToire Project link on the left.

The Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida has donated outdated furniture and bedding to Operation Green Leaves. Most of the bedding will be shipped to Haiti, but we need to sell some of the furniture to cover the cost of shipping.

Rather than sell the armoires as furniture, we’d like to sell some of them as art.



We’d like to display the finished art during the Art Basel Miami Beach event in early December, then sell them to acquire trees to plant in rural areas of Haiti. More later.