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A storm when I’m extolling Nature? Seriously?!


Our guest Blogger today is our Friend and member, Audrey Peterman, Author of  “OUR TRUE NATURE”

A storm when I’m extolling Nature? Seriously?!

By Audrey Peterman

The same day I release my book extolling the beauty and majesty of nature in our National Park System, a huge storm is barreling up the Atlantic and heading toward the most populous area of our country along the coast.  To say that millions are looking at Mother Nature with fear and apprehension is an understatement.

Is it fair to say that the only time we look at Nature collectively is when there is a fearsome event? Compared to the time we spend with technology, Nature gets a small fraction of our attention, and very little appreciation. She’s just there, and we take it for granted that she’ll always be there.

The problem with that is – man is part of nature and to the extent we withdraw from it, to that extent we diminish ourselves and a contented lifespan. Some years ago I was part of a meeting sparked by Richard Louv, strategizing how to get children back outside to play and explore n nature. Louv’s book, (Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, 2005) had shown that children’s mental and physical health were suffering as a result of being housebound, tethered to electronic instruments.

One member of the group suggested that we might actually need to teach children how to play in nature, as this generation may not know how.  At that moment I felt a chill go through me. I thought, “What can it mean when a species that is dependent on nature has become so removed from it that our offspring do not even know it exists? Or how to interact with it?”

Because I am fortunate and choose to spend most of my time admiring nature, whether in my backyard or in the Grand Canyon, I know the benefits. I wrote the book, “Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System” to communicate how much beauty and history is protected and managed in our country for our enjoyment and enlightenment. I wanted to convey the sense of peace and security that I get from seeing nature in its benign, unspoiled vastness. I wanted to share the confidence that something greater than me is in charge, and the best thing I can do for myself and the world is to be peaceful and send love to it.

So as the storm approaches, I send my love to the elements and call for mercy. I send love to the people in the path of the storm and encourage you to be peaceful. Send love to the elements and whatever force controls this universe. And when the storm is past, let us look at Mother Nature with new eyes of appreciation and reverence, for all she is to us.

To purchase Audrey’s book “OUR TRUE NATURE’ Finding your zest in the National Park Sytem, click HERE


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Mother Earth is Speaking tous

Well I think denial time is over. Earthquake on the coast of Cuba between Cuba and Jamaica, another one on the coast of Japan. Not too long ago Indonesia, last week Vancouver. Time for denial is over! Our earth is a living organism, we must treat her with reverence. Let’s pay attention!