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World Food Day

World Food Day, October 16th, 2012

Jr. Green Leaves club group pic

Jr. Green Leaves Club at Hubert O Sibley Elementary

October 16th , 2012 is World food Day, I invite everyone reading this blog to join the global movement to end hunger. Be part of the solution , take action in your community and around the world.

With that said I would like to bring to your attention that while we celebrate World Food Day on the 16th, we need to think about the  quality of our food. What is in our food? Is is healthy? What kind of pesticide was used? Is it Genetically engineered?

Many organizations are on the forefront with their message of not only ending world hunger but the issue of nutrition as well. the ONE organization’s message is “Put Nutrition on the Global Agenda”. For more details click

GORTA’s message is “Make Hunger History”. The Gorta World Food Day Conference will be on October 16th at 9:00 am in Dublin. If you are in that part of the world more details available at

One of the options also is for you to grow your own food then you will know for sure the quality and nutritional information of what you will be consuming. Farmers markets with local organic foods are everywhere now days as well as community and school gardens. There are many businesses with the mission to  teach you how to grow great and healthy foods such as Edible Gardening with Karin visit them at or Dylan Terry at “Ready-to-grow Gardens visit them at  and Earth Learning, visit them at

Finally Operation Green Leaves has sponsored many school gardens and works with children to not only teach them where food comes from but also teach them about nutrition and the cultural aspect of food. Hopelly we will be able to continue that program with the necessary funding. If you want to support our school garden program, please visit click on make a donation. Operation Green Leaves is a non-profit tax-deductible organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Vegetable vendor at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida

Jr. Green Leaves Club at Hubert O Sibley Elementary working on their garden called “Bon Manje” which means Good food


All Night Function at Miami-Dade College to Fight Poverty in Haiti

Miami-Dade College’s Center for Community Involvement asked me to be their Key Note Speaker for an “All Nighter for Haiti” on October 16th, which was “World Food Day.” The goal was to raise $20,000 for several projects with the objective of  improving  the lives of those living in specific poverty ridden communities in Haiti. The funds were being raised specifically for Food For The Poor Inc.’s 3 special projects.

The first one was a feeding project for the poor in Cite Soleil, the second was a Tilapia farming project for personal consumption as well as economic sustainability. Food for the Poor’ s partner for this project is the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund. The 3rd was a Tree Planting Project called “Green Day Tree Planting Project. Students would plant trees One Friday a month. Species of trees would be planted for nutrition and a source of income in the chosen community.

The poverty and hunger situation in Haiti is currently out of control and tragic. The U.N. Development Report list Haiti asn number 148 out of 179 countries that have not been able to provide the basic needs for their people to improve their standard of living.

It is a fact that evironmental degradation is directly linked to poverty, so I beleive that addressing the environmental problems in Haiti is a starting point.  Operation Green Leaves understood this from the start. It is specifically for that reasons that when the founders of OGL wanted to do something to help with the abject poverty that they witnessed in Haiti in the early 90’s, they decided that the best way was to address the environmental problems. I hope that the authorities in Charge in Haiti, will one day understand that to rebuilding and create a sustainable Haiti they will have to make the ecological restoration in Haiti a priority. Currently it is obviously not.

I am please that some friends of Haiti like Food for the Poor, the Center for Community Involvement of Miami Dade Community College took some action last Oct. 16h.