Environmental Education & Reforestation in Haiti

Sea Level rise

Sustainable Reconstruction of Haiti

Kenscoff, Haiti

Denuded mountains of kenscoff

Good Morning, Members, Friends & all earthlings!

As probably most of you know as it has been reported in the news 14

months after the devastating earthquake, progress is still so slow in Haiti

Tent Cities are still there. Last week 3 people died as a result of the

2010 earthquake when a house collapse on them. With that said, there

are still some steps being taken by various non-profit organizations, such

as Food for the Poor, Ecoworks International, and some socially councious


Members of Operation Green Leaves’ team working on the Environmental

center & volunteer village in Archaie. Haiti just came back from Haiti.

The mission was very productive. We are blessed to have Architect for

Humanity and other great Architectural firms donating their time and

talents to the project. We however need your financial support to make

the center a reality. Our goal is not only reforestation, but education &

training as well. to learn more about the project and to make a tax-

deductible donation, please visit http://www.globalgiving.org/6060

Restoring Haiti’s environment is a key element in the sustainable

reconstruction of Haiti. We must address the root cause of the

ecological destruction in Haiti. Provide alternative fuel souces and

energy & economic empowerment. Our motto is “Help Haitians Help

Themselves”. We are providing the tools to help our brothers & sisters

rise themselves out of poverty. Sharing a few pictures of one of our

partner orgnizations in Kenscoff, Haiti. Empowering a group of women

“Fanm kap plante”, Women who are planting.  Also pictures of deforested

mountains of  kenscoff. Please help in anyway you can. visit:


Peace & Blessings,

Nadine C. Patrice, Executive Director



Operation Green Leaves REALLY need your support. Operation Green Leaves finally qualified and earned a temporary spot on Global Giving. Our project is the building of our environmtal center and volunteer village in Arcahaie, Haiti.

THE CHALLENGE IS:  in order for us to qualify for a permanent spot on Global Giving, we need to RAISE $4,000 FROM 50 DONORS BY SEPTEMBER 30TH.

If we meet the challenge, we will be able to stay on and have a permanent spot on Global Giving and most importantly continue our fund-raising efforts to raise money for our project in Arcahaie and better yet we will have the opportunity to submit othe projects and raise funds for these particular projects.

To Donate visit: www.globalgiving.org/6060

International Day of Climate Change Action

October 24th is the International Day of Climate Change Action. 350.org is leading the movement and has inspired people and organizations worldwide to take some kind of action on that day to show their commitmet to finding solutions to the Climate Change Crisis.

350 currently is the most important number on the planet.  Florida will face some of the most extreme effects of a 2 degree celsius temperature change. The scary fact is that as of September 2009 we are at 387 ppm. Scientist now know that this will result in a temperature rise of 2 degrees celcius by the middle of the Century. The good news is that it is not too late we can take action to stop this downward spiral by making a commitment to be part of the solution. The first thing is to make sure you understand the crisis and get accurate information and find out what you can do. So this October 24th Join Operation Green Leaves, The Biscayne Nature Center and the the around the Americas Project at Bicentenial Park in Miami  (across from the American Airlines Arena) from 12:00 Noon to 4:oo PM.



Today the Around The Americas Project’s 65ft steel-hulled Sailboat arrived in Miami and I was delighted and excited to watch it come in because I know how important the message and information they have collected on their voyage to share with our community. The “Ocean Watch left Seatle 20 weeks ago.  The scientific expedition includes a 1st leg of the icy Northwest Passage. Their plan is to make 31 stops in over 12 countries over a 13 month period spreading a strong environmental message designed to draw attention to the health of the worlds ocean and the impact of Global Climate Change on local environment & Eco-system. So you can’t affort to miss this event on Saturday October 24th. You will have the opportunity to meet the crew and visit the ship as well.  Other activities will include a drum circle and a group photo at 2:00 PM.

For more information visit: www.oglhaiti.com, www.350.org, www.rsmas.miami.edu, and www.aroundtheamericas.org.