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Sea Level Rise Happening Faster then Predictions!

On Saturday, I decided to go to Hollywood Beach just to relax and take a break after long week. I notice the high tide and how the waves were coming in pretty hard.  A few days later on the news I saw the report of how the barriers the City of Ft. Lauderdale put on A1A  to protect the street were mostly destroyed by the high tide and in-coming waves. It caught everyone by surprise. This is an example of things to come. Florida is one of the most vulnerable areas as far as the impact of sea level rise.

This week, an article came out  by Climate Central’s Michael D. Lomonick titled “Sea Level Rise Accelerating Faster than Initial Projections.”. I want to share some of it with you and encourage you to visit the link below to read the entire article.

“Sea level is rising as the planet warms up, but how much it will rise, and how fast is still something climate scientists are working out. And according to a study released late Tuesday in Environmental Research Letters the ocean is already rising faster than the most recent authoritative report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was projecting as recently as 2007.

“Results show that global temperature continues to increase in very good agreement with the best estimates of the IPCC,” the authors of the new study write. “The rate of sea level rise of the past decades, on the other hand, is greater than projected by the IPCC models. This suggests that IPCC sea level projections for the future may also be biased low.”

The IPCC issues comprehensive reports every five to seven years, with the next one due out in 2013-2014. The reports summarize the state of scientific knowledge on climate change, and are used as the underpinning of international climate talks aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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As usual I provide the information, please investigate and find out more for yourself and take some action in your day to day decisions to protect and heal our planet. YES INDIVIDUAL ACTION CONTRIBUTES TO THE WHOLE.

Peace & Blessings,

Nadine C. Patrice, Executive Director,

Operation Green Leaves Inc. http://www.oglhaiti.com


EARTHQUAKES!Another one on Planet Earth 2012


Another Earthquake on our planet again yesturday in Guatemala.16 people plus lost their lives. As my friend Jane Wynne in Haiti said after the devastating impact of “SUPER STORM SANDY”. Our planet is speaking to us. We mus listen and learn. So today as you go about your activities, pay attention to your choices and actions be sure that they do NO harm to our home planet EARTH. When it comes to he Environment there are no borders, we share the oceans,rivers, street and the Air. Understand that we are ONE. Our actions affect the whole.

Peace & Blessings

Nadine C. Patrice, Executive Director

Operation Green Leaaves Inc.




With the hard economic times facing our world, most people  are too be too busy to take a break and really take time to pay attention and understand what is happening to our planet event though they know that the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change that they have been hearing about in the media is currently impacting their lives. Globally our planet is facing droughts, floods, huge hale storms, violent and severe storm and sea level IS rising.

Today I am providing  simple and basic information which I hope will inspire our readers to investigate and learn more about the subject. It’s time to pay attention to day to day choices and activities to make sure that we do not ad anymore pressure to our planet.

Global warming is linked to the “Greenhouse Effect”. Heat from the sun enters the atmosphere which is the air surrounding the earth. Most of the heat is absorbed b the earth or the atmosphere, though some is reflected back toward the sun. The Earth HEATS UP as it absorbs the Sun’s rays. some absorbed heat is released back into the atmosphere as infrared heat rays. Certain gases trap some of the released heat near the earth’s urface as in a greenhouse, warming the air , land and sea. As these Greenhouse gases increase, more heat is trapped , possibly raising the averages temperature.

Some of the Greenhouse gases that contribute to the Greenhouse Effect include, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), The main sources are the clearing of large areas of forest. Living trees use up CO2. Clearing and burning forests kills the trees while releasing more CO2. Methane, the main sources are Natural Sources, such as swamps, oceans and termites, farming, especially from rice paddies,cattle ranches and of course burning wood.  Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). For many years CFCs were widely used in Refrigerators and Air Conditioners in buildings and cars. Manufacturing processes used to make plastic, foam packages and insulation. Aerosol cans was also a contributor.  The good news is today, many countries have stopped using CFCs or are int he process of phasing them out.  Nitrogen Oxid. Tthe main sources are natural sources including soil, car exhaust, and chemical fertilizers.

You are the consumer, you have the buying power, it is your choice to make sure you buy from companies that acknowlege the crisis facing our earth. Take a few minutes to learn more about these companies and  make sure that their products and services follow the best green and sustainalble practices.

Nadine C. Patrice

Executive Director, Operation Green Leaves Inc.


Merry Christmas Haiti! May Santa Bring You A Better Life

On 12 January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked a densely populated area of Haiti, near the capital of Port-au-Prince. Damage was extensive. Death estimates top 300,000, but noone knows for sure. More than 1 million people were left homeless, most of them remain in tent cities nearly 2 years later. No electricity. No sanitation. Few paved roads. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Yet, a spirit of hope and optimism remains.

Pictures by Brian Machray of Yosemite Lakes Community Church in Coarsegoldm CA. The Haitian National Anthem is sung by Yvon ‘Capi’ Andre, a founding member of Tabou Compo. Pastor Audley Wisdom provides Holy Night from the 17 December 2011 Sabbath Service. Video produced and distributed by Ken English.

Haiti’s New President Speaks at the U.N General Assembly

On Friday September 23rd Haiti’s new President, Mr. Michel Martelly spoke at the United Nation’s General Assembly. I am so please to see that he mentioned that addressing the urgent issue of deforestation and Global Warming is a top priority to the sustainable reconstruction of Haiti. I am so delighted that Haiti’s leadership is going in the right direction finally. It has always been Operation Green Leaves message from day one, and now for 21 years that “any sustainable reconstruction of Haiti must include restoring Haiti’s environment, specifically an agressive national reforestation plan.

Our Vision: A Green & Sustainable Haiti!

Peace & Blessings,
Nadine C. Patrice
Executive Director, Operation Green Leaves Inc.

NOTE: Operation Green Leaves is celebrating its 21st Year Annivesary this september with an online campaign instead of a gala or dinner, reducing our carbon footprint. Join our campaign & make a tax-deductible donation at http://www.oglhaiti.com click on give 10

Sustainable Reconstruction of Haiti

Kenscoff, Haiti

Denuded mountains of kenscoff

Good Morning, Members, Friends & all earthlings!

As probably most of you know as it has been reported in the news 14

months after the devastating earthquake, progress is still so slow in Haiti

Tent Cities are still there. Last week 3 people died as a result of the

2010 earthquake when a house collapse on them. With that said, there

are still some steps being taken by various non-profit organizations, such

as Food for the Poor, Ecoworks International, and some socially councious


Members of Operation Green Leaves’ team working on the Environmental

center & volunteer village in Archaie. Haiti just came back from Haiti.

The mission was very productive. We are blessed to have Architect for

Humanity and other great Architectural firms donating their time and

talents to the project. We however need your financial support to make

the center a reality. Our goal is not only reforestation, but education &

training as well. to learn more about the project and to make a tax-

deductible donation, please visit http://www.globalgiving.org/6060

Restoring Haiti’s environment is a key element in the sustainable

reconstruction of Haiti. We must address the root cause of the

ecological destruction in Haiti. Provide alternative fuel souces and

energy & economic empowerment. Our motto is “Help Haitians Help

Themselves”. We are providing the tools to help our brothers & sisters

rise themselves out of poverty. Sharing a few pictures of one of our

partner orgnizations in Kenscoff, Haiti. Empowering a group of women

“Fanm kap plante”, Women who are planting.  Also pictures of deforested

mountains of  kenscoff. Please help in anyway you can. visit:


Peace & Blessings,

Nadine C. Patrice, Executive Director


Operation Green Leaves REALLY need your support. Operation Green Leaves finally qualified and earned a temporary spot on Global Giving. Our project is the building of our environmtal center and volunteer village in Arcahaie, Haiti.

THE CHALLENGE IS:  in order for us to qualify for a permanent spot on Global Giving, we need to RAISE $4,000 FROM 50 DONORS BY SEPTEMBER 30TH.

If we meet the challenge, we will be able to stay on and have a permanent spot on Global Giving and most importantly continue our fund-raising efforts to raise money for our project in Arcahaie and better yet we will have the opportunity to submit othe projects and raise funds for these particular projects.

To Donate visit: www.globalgiving.org/6060

Keep the spotlight on HAITI, The people of Haiti deserve better.

3 months already since the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the raining season is well on its way and the people in the most affected areas ARE STILL WAITING for the promised help even though in the news we hear billions have been raised for the PEOPLE OF HAITI.  The % of help reaching the real victims is TOO LOW. In the news you see flashes of this internatinal group helping or this celebrity helping, but it is really a very small percentage of what is needed.  The funds have been raised, the knowledge and technology to really bring the assistance is available…WHAT’S THE HOLD-UP???

I get glimses of the REALITY in Haiti everyday from my partner grass roots organizations on the ground.  Some of them are in different regions of the country and their information is similar. They are tired of going from meetings to meetings in Haiti, tired  of getting promises that are not kept. They are than unable  help the victims.  One of them was promised tents, they told her record the names of all people in the area in needs of a tent and tarp. She does. When she is ready, she goes to the agency to give s her list and the person in charge of this supposibly reputable organization, leaves Haiti with no follow-up.  These are the  kinds of Stories i hear from our partners.  My message is: Please donate to smaller grass roots organizations that can get the Job Done or go volunteer and help them get back their life together. May be the larger organizations, Agencies and Government will catch up with the progress at some point.  I KNOW that God is in Haiti, I KNOW watching what is going on. The people of Haiti have suffered enough they deserve better.  THE NEED IS URGENT, THE RAINING SEASON IS HERE, NO ELECTRICITY, THE SUFFERING IS JUST TOO MUCH.  JUST IMAGINE IT COULD BE ANY OF US , WE WERE JUST BLESSED TO BE BORN IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY.  WWW.OGLHAITI.COM FOR MORE INFO.

CCN Haiti – First call from Nadine