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If you missed our live weekly radio show “Eco Alert with Nadine Patrice”, earlier this morning, you can still listen to the show by going to http://www.oglhaiti.com. & click on radio show. We discussed the potential DEATH of 100 years old oak trees in Little Haiti. Let us know your opinion on the subject. Help us save these trees.


We are really One Heart, One Love, One Breath, One Family of God sharing this magnificent planet. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Peace & Blessings, to ALL.

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step.GET GREEN ENERGY. 85% of U.S. energy is from fossil fuel.1million solar homes keeps 4.3tons of CO2 out of r air a yr.

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step.TURN OFF THE TAP. Toilet uses the most water in yr home. Conserve 9,2000 gal of water leran more http://www.epa.gov/watersense/pubs/hrt.htm

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step; EAT LESS MEAT.Methane from captive livestock accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases. learn more http://www.chooseveg.com/conservation.asp

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step: Build,Rent or buy GREEN. Consider remodeling what you already have.If you intend to build go to http://www.greenhomeguide.org


4 more days to our rendez-vous at the Bayside Rocks Festival downtown Miami on Saturday November 19th,. “A Concert on the Green to Keep our environment Clean”. Haiti’s World Famous band TABOU COMBO Is in the line-up of outstanding performers. If you missed our interview with one of their original member “kapi”, go to http://www.oglhaiti.com click on radio show, select Nov. 12th to listen to the interview. For tickets http://www.baysiderocksfestival.com

Holiday Season giving!

This Holiday Season, please include Operation Green Leaves in your gift list. We need your support. Your gift is tax-deductible.

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Green your Decor! Step:Shop 4 sustainalbe furniture.The FSC certifies lumber cut in a eco-friendly maner, look for seal. http://www.fscus.org

GoGreen Action Step

GoGreen Action Step. Unplug your hope appliances that you are not using. American use $4billions in electricity on appliances they are not using. Get a Smart power strip at http://www.bitsltd.net. You will reduce your homes C02 emission by 1,430 pounds per year.