Environmental Education & Reforestation in Haiti

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GoGreen Action Step

INVEST GREEN. Investing green is a win-win, you make money and protect the planet at the same time. Visit some informative sites. http://www.greencentury.com and http://www.ishares.com


Earth Population Increase

The population of planet earth reached 7 billion. In 1804 we had 1 billion. Imagine the impact on our naural resources. Time to be more aggressive on conservation & protection of our home planet.

GoGreen Action Steps

GoGreen Action Steps:VOTE GREEN,U have the power to make change. the Environmental issues impacts every sigle one of us regardless of our geographic location. Our health, Our economy, Our national security, all depend on the well being of our home planet Earth. Start locally visit http://www.lcv.org


SAVE THE DATE. meet me downtown Miami on NOVEMBER 19TH at the Bayside Rocks Festival “A Concert on the Green to Keep our Environment Clean”. Haiti’s world famous band “TABOU COMBO” will be performing this year. Purchase your ticket early at http://www.baysiderocksfestival.com . see detaills on flyer.

Operation Green Leaves NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT

Only 800 miles from South Florida’s shores and environmental tragedy is taking place. As early as 1924 60% of Haiti was forested, today we have less than 1.5% of forest cover. Please support our cause. Our mission, Environmental Education, Ecological Restoration & the Reforestation of Haiti. We have been addressings the issue for more than 21 years collaborating with our grass roots partners in Haiti. Support us by becoming a member today at http://www.oglhaiti.com or our environmental center project at http://www.globalgiving.org/6060

GoGreen Action Steps

GoGreen Action Steps:Start your own vegetable garden in your backyad. To learn more visit: http.//wwww.backyardgardner.com/veg. If live in an apartment get visit: http://www.containergardeningtips.com. Great way to save money and be sustainable.

GoGreen Action Steps

GoGreen Action Steps: SHOP & buy from Green Companies. Learn more at http://www.dsa.o. Switch to eco-friendly products today keep your family and our planet healthy. vsit: http://www.ogl.myshaklee.com
The Shaklee Corporation is rated as one of the top green companies.

Go Green Actio Steps

GoGreen Action Steps: Calcutating your carbon footprint will help you understand how your daily actions & lifestyle impacts our planet. Calculate your carbon footprint at http://www.earthlab.com/carbonprofile

GoGreen Action Steps

GoGreen Action Steps: One of the easiest thing that you can do to save the earth is to always bring your reusable bags to the store. Make the effort and do it! visit http://www.reusablebags.com

GoGreen Action Steps

GoGreen Action Steps: 75-90% of your waste can be recycled. The US produces more than 1/3 of the world’s garbage. We have a responsibility. Recycle Everything your can. To find recycling programs in your area, visit http://www.earth911.org