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Remembering Haiti of Yesterday

I met a Haitian man from Jeremie, Haiti yesterday and while we both were waiting for our meeting to start… of course our topic of conversation was Haiti. He is a professional living in Florida, but every year he goes back for a visit in Jeremie. He was telling me with bit of frustation how he remembered how busineses were flowing in Jeremie during his youth, how ships would come at least 2 to 3 times a week to pick up coffee and other merchandise. He was sadded by what he was witnessing right now, the lack of basic infrastructure and the basic needs of the people were not met. So I told him that may be you should go back more often, inspire the people there, participate and be part of restoring the Jeremie of your youth & beyond. That’s is what it is going to take to rebuild a sustainable Haiti. All its children who had the blessing and opportunity to go abroad, need to somehow participate, give back, share what they have learned & get involved in the sustainable reconstruction of our beloved Haiti.


Haiti’s New President Speaks at the U.N General Assembly

On Friday September 23rd Haiti’s new President, Mr. Michel Martelly spoke at the United Nation’s General Assembly. I am so please to see that he mentioned that addressing the urgent issue of deforestation and Global Warming is a top priority to the sustainable reconstruction of Haiti. I am so delighted that Haiti’s leadership is going in the right direction finally. It has always been Operation Green Leaves message from day one, and now for 21 years that “any sustainable reconstruction of Haiti must include restoring Haiti’s environment, specifically an agressive national reforestation plan.

Our Vision: A Green & Sustainable Haiti!

Peace & Blessings,
Nadine C. Patrice
Executive Director, Operation Green Leaves Inc.

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Wangari Maathai, Farewell

Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maatha, Founder of the Greenbelt Movement died on Sunday at the age of 71
Our sincere condolences goes out to her immediate and global family. She was my inspiration standing for what she knew was right not matter what. From an unknowned scientist to the first African female laureate. She had an amazing ability to connect complex environmental issues with their impact on ordinary people. Farewell you were a global inspiration. You came to this planet for a specific purpose, Job well done. May you rest in Peace.
Nadine C. Patrice
Executive Director , Operation Green Leaves.

Mother Earth is Speaking tous

Well I think denial time is over. Earthquake on the coast of Cuba between Cuba and Jamaica, another one on the coast of Japan. Not too long ago Indonesia, last week Vancouver. Time for denial is over! Our earth is a living organism, we must treat her with reverence. Let’s pay attention!

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