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What the poor in Haiti need is less talk & more action NOW!

Seven month after we witnessed the horrifying pictures on our television sets and newspapers after the devastating earthquake, the majority of the poor people of Haiti are still waiting for efficient shelters to protect them from the rain, heat and sun.  Just this week I read an article in the nouvelliste tittled “waiting for the tents”. These tents that they are waiting for will cost the goverment $100,000 each and they ordered 50,000. It is so absurb, it is like no one is thinking they are just reacting. With $100,000.00 I think they could of build at least 2-3 houses.  I am not an expert in the field or an engineer or architect, but from the little that I know, I think it could be done. They are analysing the situation to death while the poor people of Haiti are waiting and suffering. Too many meetings, coalitions, committees, commissions ect. JUST GET THE JOB DONE!! It is not like we have to reinvente the wheel. We can learn from other countries who had similar situations.  In my opnion from what I have been able to observe, all the people who are suppose to be ” IN CHARGE” of the situation in Haiti have their own agendas and they have HUGE EGOS.

In this century alone, Haiti has been hit so hard with devastating hurricanes and now a catastrophic earthquake.  In the immediate aftermath of these events, we are shocked, we are sadden, we promise to help and after a few months we forget, nothing happens to bring real change to Haiti.  The people of Haiti need a REAL LEADER, one that does not have a HUGE EGO, and the only agenda he or she has is to improve the standard of living of the people of Haiti.  Provide them with the basic necessities and tools so they can help themselves and become self-sufficient.

I want to share with a few pictures to remind you what the poor people of Haiti had to live through and still living, a real nightmare. Imagine if this was your reality….  (see pictures)

While the government of Haiti and its experts and high paid consultants are trying to figure out what to do, I urge you to get involved in some way with small grass roots organizations in Haiti who are really the heroes of this crisis. Do what you can to help.

In the mean time Operation Green Leaves will continue to be committed and dedicated to its mission to help raise the standard of living of the people of Haiti through reforestation, evironmental education and sustainable economic development.  We will continue to work closely with our partner grass roots organizations. visit: www.oglhaiti.com