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Coconut Grove Grapevine: Joe Donato Helps Operation Green Leaves

Coconut Grove Grapevine: Joe Donato packs them in for Haitian efforts.


Keep the spotlight on HAITI, The people of Haiti deserve better.

3 months already since the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the raining season is well on its way and the people in the most affected areas ARE STILL WAITING for the promised help even though in the news we hear billions have been raised for the PEOPLE OF HAITI.  The % of help reaching the real victims is TOO LOW. In the news you see flashes of this internatinal group helping or this celebrity helping, but it is really a very small percentage of what is needed.  The funds have been raised, the knowledge and technology to really bring the assistance is available…WHAT’S THE HOLD-UP???

I get glimses of the REALITY in Haiti everyday from my partner grass roots organizations on the ground.  Some of them are in different regions of the country and their information is similar. They are tired of going from meetings to meetings in Haiti, tired  of getting promises that are not kept. They are than unable  help the victims.  One of them was promised tents, they told her record the names of all people in the area in needs of a tent and tarp. She does. When she is ready, she goes to the agency to give s her list and the person in charge of this supposibly reputable organization, leaves Haiti with no follow-up.  These are the  kinds of Stories i hear from our partners.  My message is: Please donate to smaller grass roots organizations that can get the Job Done or go volunteer and help them get back their life together. May be the larger organizations, Agencies and Government will catch up with the progress at some point.  I KNOW that God is in Haiti, I KNOW watching what is going on. The people of Haiti have suffered enough they deserve better.  THE NEED IS URGENT, THE RAINING SEASON IS HERE, NO ELECTRICITY, THE SUFFERING IS JUST TOO MUCH.  JUST IMAGINE IT COULD BE ANY OF US , WE WERE JUST BLESSED TO BE BORN IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY.  WWW.OGLHAITI.COM FOR MORE INFO.

Brian Machray Reports on Trip to Port-au-Prince

http://oglhaiti.com – After watching news reports in the days after the earthquake, Brian Machray decided to take action. He spoke with his pastor at Yosemite Lakes Community Church in Coarsecold, California and volunteered to go to Haiti and then report to the congregation. This is part of his report.